Public pages of the tool (viewable without login, used for embedding in other websites) are build under regards of the Verordnung zur Schaffung barrierefreier Informationstechnik nach dem Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz (BITV, GER) and the paper ” Web Accessibility Initiative - Internet Zugang für alle ” (Digitale Österreich, BKA AUT) (

As a result of optimizing user-actions with Javascript and other technologies which are not supported by special output devices (such as screen-readers), we cannot grant accessibility for all types of output devices in the management-area of the tool (where the user has to be logged in).

If you are missing something in terms of accessibility or want to use the management-area with other output-devices, do not hesitate to send us a Support-Request

Screen size

Because of the responsive design of the tool, there is no explicit required screen width for the rendering on small screens (on smartphones).

We’ve tested the user-interface with multiple devices and Browsers. The System requires a minimum screen-width of 300px to display the content properly. The Xperia Mini (one of the smallest Smartphones of the last years) has a display-size of 300px x 450px (~192 ppi density) and even this screen should not have any display-errors.

Despite of the responsive design, we do not recommend to work on your smartphone with large tables and complex data.


Pages of the tool are optimized for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. On older Browser-Versions maybe some grapic variations or display-errors of fonts or styles can occur.

For security reasons , we strongly recommend the use of the latest version of your Browser. The usage of t-Point was tested with the latest versions of the following Desktop-Browsers:

If you use another Browser (Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge, Opera, ...) we can not guarantee the proper display of the contents, especially if your browser does not support Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.

For the login-action, your browser must support Cookies (see Cookies).

[1]Consider, that Google Chrome sends your Search- & Surf-Behavior to Google! Get more informations about the Privacy of Google Chrome: ( )