Get informations about the code, additional settings and how to integrate the existing extensions & services into new bundles.

Admin-Parts inside Bundles

The CRUD-Controllers to manage the list-entries are all situated in their “real” bundle (e.g. invoice-status is located inside the tpointInvoiceBundle).

  • The pages are linked only from the admin-bundle.
  • The routes start with tpoint_admin_ to identify the part as content from the Admin-Bundle and display the Page-Navigation from the Admin-Bundle.
  • All controller-actions must be secured with Annotation (@Secure(roles="ROLE_ADMIN") from JMSSecurityExtraBundle) or manually with $this->isGranted('ROLE_ADMIN') to prevent unauthorized admin-access.
    • Note that the URLs are only listed, if the bundle exists and the user can access the page.
    • This means: not secured via @Secure and/or have the VIEW-Permission for the Bundle (checked in $this->authorizationChecker->isGranted('VIEW', $routeAppName))
    • Get more informations about the Bundle-Menus (MenuBuilder) and the ACL-Voter.