Standard installation components

The standard installation of t-Point comes with a set of components (called „modules“) required for the project management process.


This is the Base-Module contains the base-settings and the start-page.

(Additionally, there are some predefined methods for easier development.)


The User-Module is used to manage the login of users, the management of the user-profiles.

The username and password are saved in the user-table in the Database, wheras the password is encrypted via sha512-Hash-Function after it was “salted”. (Find more Informations about the Security in Security-Section)

More informations on how-to reset your password: Password-Informations


The admin module provides the Permission-Management for users and the management of list-entries. This section can only be accessed, if the Admin-Permissions are granted (usually ROLE_ADMIN) and is not part of the Project-Managment-Modules.


The Contact module has the purpose to organze all contacts used in the system (There are some exceptions - they are explained later). The Contact module contains a management-interface for persons & companies and for contact-groups.

Additionally, the Contact module provides a interface to sync the contacts to your mobile devicees. See this Article to gain more infos about the use.


The poject module is the central part of the system, where all project-settings are stored. Within this Bundle, the following data are defined:

  • Project-related informations (e.g. Programme & Measure), Project-Employees, Project-Partner
  • Workpackage Informations
  • Budget Items for the Workpackages and related Staff-Budgets for each Project-Employee
  • Project-Quantifications
  • Navigation-Items to all Project-Data in the other Modules, including Reports, Contact-Groups, Mails, Documents & Images


Evaluation of the Projects with predefined Indicators - different assigned for each Measure.


Quantification for Projects (accessible is granted within the direct Project-Permissions)


The Report module provides the forms to add different types of Reports/Minutes/... to each Project. (The types can be managed with Admin-Permissions.)

The module provides a PDF-Export for each inserted entry and files can also be added to the report.


The Mail module handles e-mail sendings to multiple recipients. Whole contact-groups or only some contacts can be selected to recieve the mail.

If the senders IMAP mailbox is configured properly, the e-mail is saved as sent mail on the mailserver and the user can access the Mail from his e-mail client.


The Project-File module is used to manage the files, connected to the project.


Manage the time-entries and driving-costs of all employees. Is suitable for projects and company-level.


Manage your incoming and outgoing invoices. They are added to the Project-costs and each positions can select its cost-type.


This is a simple event-management module, which interacts with the project-module, can include files and manage the participants.


The Statistic module gathers data from the other bundles and lists them system-wide. Statistics can be compared between projects.