Updated Controller

Add parameter $locale to editAction and showAction:

public function updateAction(Request $request, $id, $locale)
public function editAction($id, $locale)

edit the “change”-URL in the Update-Form:

'action' => $this->generateUrl('...', array(
    'id' => $entity->getId(),
    'locale' => $entity->getTranslatableLocale()

Set locale in editAction() and updateAction():

$entity = $em->getRepository('tpointProjectBundle:CostCentre')->find($id);


Show-Action: get all languages and translations

$entity = $em->getRepository('...')->find($id);
$repository = $em->getRepository('Gedmo\Translatable\Entity\Translation');
$translations = $repository->findTranslations($entity);

if (!$entity) {
    throw $this->createNotFoundException('Unable to find CostCentre entity.');

$languages = $em->getRepository('tpointContactBundle:Language')->findTransLangs();
$deleteForm = $this->createDeleteForm($id);

return $this->render('tpointProjectBundle:CostCentre:show.html.twig', array(
    'entity'      => $entity,
    'delete_form' => $deleteForm->createView(),
    'translations' => $translations,
    'languages'       => $languages

Update Entity

Add the method getTranslatableLocale() muss vorhanden sein:

public function getTranslatableLocale() {
    return $this->locale;

Update Routing

Edit the .._edit and .._update routes (additional parameter: locale)

    pattern:  /{id}/{locale}/edit
    defaults: { _controller: "tpointProjectBundle:CostCentre:edit", id:0, locale:en }

    pattern:  /{id}/{locale}/update
    defaults: { _controller: "tpointProjectBundle:CostCentre:update", id:0, locale:en }
    requirements: { _method: post|put }

Update View (show.html.twig)

List all avaliable Languages

    <td>{{ entity.id }}</td>
{% for key,lang in translations %}
    <th>Label {{key}}:</th>
    <td>{{ lang.label }}</td>
    <td><a href="{{ path('tpoint_admin_costcentre_edit', { 'id': entity.id, 'locale': key }) }}" title="edit {{key}}"><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-edit"></i> edit</a>
{% endfor %}

add Language-Buttons (all Languages)

<div class="btn-group spacing-bottom-md ">
    {% for lang in languages %}
    <a href="{{ path('tpoint_..._edit', { 'id': entity.id, 'locale': lang.code }) }}" title="edit {{lang.code}}" class="btn btn-default">edit {{lang.code}}</a>
    {% endfor%}