Creating a Pull Request

When creating a pull request:

  • Use a meaningfull name for the pull request.
  • Create the pull request as soon as possible.
  • Name the branch after the following format: <type>/<description>, where type is one of feature, bugfix, hotfix or enhancement. For example: feature/what-my-pr-does. Note that dashes should be used instead of spaces (not underscores).
  • Add a line in the format of “<type> <pr-number> [<affected bundle or component>] <description>” to the file in the root directory
  • In case you have some changes breaking backwards compability you also have to add a description to the file in the root directory

If you are a member of the tpoint organization you should also:

  • Add a label for the type of the PR:
  • feature: provides a new feature
  • enhancement: the PR improves existing features
  • bugfix: provides a bug fix
  • hotfix: the PR is a bugfix that should be made against a stable branch (e.g. master)
  • Add a label for the state of the PR:
  • in progress: if you are still working on the PR
  • review: when it is reviewable
  • feedback: if you have reviewed someone else’s pr


Create user command:


- [ ] test coverage
- [ ] gather feedback for my changes
- [ ] submit changes to the documentation
- [ ] remove request defaults
- [ ] fix #1


| q                | a
| ---------------- | ---
| Fixed tickets    | fixes #1 , fixes #2
| BC breaks        | none
| Documentation PR |